Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nightmare Mansion

I just got back from Virginia Beach, Virginia this afternoon. While I was down there I came across Nightmare Mansion. What a cool looking building. I saw it on Wednesday night but i did not have a camera with me. So this morning I went out about 6:45 am and snapped a few pictures. Being the off season at the beaches the store was not open so I couldn't see what was inside. Hopefully I'll get back there soon and can check it out. The bellhop at my hotel said it looks even better in the summer, at night when it is all lite up. Check out a few additional pics below.

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Anonymous said...

hey there yeah I work there at nightmare mansion we are not a store though....we are an adult oriented haunted house my name is ashe if you come down ask for me and well let you take some inside pics we dont generally allow that